Reasons to choose AQUA Kwik-Locker Aluminium for your projects:

High-End Appearance

Unlike plastic lockers, the Aqua Kwik Locker is a piece of furniture which will enhance a room’s decor.

Superior Quality/Waterproof

The carcass is manufactured from marine grade aluminium which will not rust. Doors are manufactured from 12mm Formica, which will not delaminate or warp.

Vandal Proof Doors

Our SGL doors are scratch and vandal proof


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More reasons to choose AQUA Kwik-Locker Aluminium for your projects:

Robust Hinge

Concealed Stainless Spring loaded and self-closing

With or without Doors

We can supply Aqua Kwik-Lockers with or without doors. This means our distributors can source doors locally to match existing decors.

Customisation Available

We can manufacture in a variety of widths, depths, heights and offer a vast selection of modern locking options. We also offer a wide range of SGL door colours from the Formica range.


Our Aqua Kwik-Locker is lightweight and can easily be lifted by one person (21 Kgs) which reduces labour cost and increases profit margin.

Easy to Clean

The Aqua Kwik-Locker is fully waterproof and can be hosed down in a wet environment without fear of rusting.


Unlike built-in lockers, Aqua Kwik- Lockers can be moved around if required as they are lightweight and modular units. The doors can also be replaced to suit a new colour scheme.


The Aqua Kwik-Locker is made at a price to meet your project’s requirements

Material: All aluminium components to 1050 H14 aluminium.
Body: 1.2mm mill finish aluminium as standard.
Frame: Folded and reinforced pillars keep locker 100% square and robust.
Top: Flat top as standard in 1.2mm mill finish aluminium. Slope top available upon request.
Base: 1.2mm mill. finish aluminium.
Shelves: 1.2mm mill. finish aluminium.
Hinges: Concealed Stainless Steel spring loaded / self-closing hinge with 180° door opening.
Doors: 12mm Solid Grade Laminate Doors (SGL) from Formica Range as standard.
Standard Sizes: Widths: 300/450mm Wide
Depths: 300- 400 – 500mm Deep Height: 1800mm. All sizes available upon request.
Locking Systems: Mastered Camlocks or Padlock Receivers (Hasps) as standard.
Coin Return/Retain, Combination, Digital Locking or RFID Card system available upon request.
Tiers: 1-2-3-4-5 Tier as Standard, 6-10 Tier available upon request, Z Doors also available upon request.
Drainage: Slotted base and shelves to promote and assist drainage.
Coat Rail Heavy duty aluminium coatrail and hooks.
Weight: Approx 21 Kgs with SGL doors.
Ventilation: Ventilation holes at the back of the locker to promote and assist air flow.
Internal Fittings: 1 & 2 Tier lockers come as standard with extruded aluminium coat rails and hooks. No internal fittings in 3-10 tier lockers.
Fixing: Lockers pre-punched at sides for easy fixing.
Options: Options available in relation to size, locking systems, sloping top and door colour.
  • Plinths
  • Locker Stand Seats
  • Benches
  • End Panels
  • Infill Panels
  • Top Panels
  • Pre-painted White Carcass
  • Stainless Steel Carcass
  • Powder Coated Metal Carcass