Vend-Locker is a unique and innovative electronic towel vending locker. Towel laundering costs can be eliminated in an instant by installing this self financing system. Vend-Locker can be programmed in a number of ways, for example VIP users can be issued with a payment override pin code or the system could be used to charge specific users only (eg visitors). Towels are easily re-loaded and the system offers complete accountability and control of towels being issued. The Vend-Locker system is suitable for a variety of sites (eg hotels, golf clubs, leisure clubs) who wish to reduce towel laundering costs in an instant and/or generate a further revenue stream for the club / organisation.


Vend-Locker Can Be Used In 3 Ways

Option 1: Control Towel Usage Only & Reduce Your Towel Laundering Costs

By using Vend-Locker to dispense towels, users will be restricted to 1 towel per person which will instantly reduce the quantity of towels being laundered whilst still offering a complimentary towel service.

Option 2: Control Towel Usage & Generate Revenue To Cover Your Reduced Towel Laundering Costs

By using Vend-Locker to control towel usage and charging a nominal fee, towel laundering costs can be instantly recovered.

Option 3: Control Towel Usage, Generate Revenue To Cover Your Reduced Towel Laundering Costs Plus Generate Additonal Revenue For Your Club

By using Vend-Locker to control towel usage and charging a premium fee, hotels / clubs can recover towel laundering costs while also generating additional revenue for use within the club / organisation.

Features & Benefits

  • Stand-alone units which can be expanded as demand increases
  • Networking not required (simply plug units in)
  • User adjustable price settings
  • Fully automatic door release for easy reloading of towels
  • No keys required
  • Hygienic and clean storage of towels
  • Low voltage operation (12v) makes units ideal for use in wet areas
  • Rapid return of investment (subject to towel usage / fee charged)
  • Fully recyclable
  • Annual maintenance contract available nationwide
  • Patent pending
  • 12 months warranty


“Towel Dispenser A Major Saving For Golf Clubs”

We all know anything for free is seldom appreciated and indeed very often misused” With the introduction of the Towel Dispenser the Club now charge €2 per towel but the usage will drop by a staggering 80% i.e. a saving of 80% of current laundering costs.
In 2012 towel dispensing will show an income of 40% of the original laundering costs. The capital costs of the dispenser units will be recovered in 1 to 2 years while still providing a full towel service to both members and visitors. The units are slim and tidy occupying very little space and very user friendly with a complete audit of all transactions “An essential asset for all golf clubs

Francis Duffy, Manager (Lucan Golf Club)

Having installed PCE’s Towel Vend Lockers in our Clubhouse locker rooms I have no hesitation in recommending this facility for all Golf Clubs. The Lockers are a reliable, efficient and cost-effective means to provide members and guests with a quality towel service.

Liam Murphy, Manager (Lucan Golf Club)