Designed for the workplace and industries where there is a need for the separation of clean and dirty or outdoor and work clothing.


Internal fittings include a hat shelf at 350mm down from top, and a central divider to offer separate storage of clothing on two coat hooks. A coat rail and one hook is offered in lockers 450mm or deeper.

Height: 1800mm
Width mm Depths mm
375 375
450 450
525 525


Example Usage:

  • Food and Hygiene
  • Health and Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering and Mechanical
  • Warehousing and many others

The locker is fitted with a 350mm high top shelf for the storage of hats, personal items etc. A vertical central divider forms two equal sized storage compartments which are each fitted with a coat rail and a fixed coat hook on the rear panel. Like all our range, the clean & dirty locker can be ordered in a wide range of colours with various locking systems.

Flat (Sloping) Top Clean & Dirty Lockers
Width Depth Height
375 w x 375 d x 1800 (1925) high
375 w x 450 d x 1800 (1950) high
375 w x 525 d x 1800 (1975) high
450 w x 450 d x 1800 (1950) high
450 w x 525 d x 1800 (1975) high
525 w x 525 d x 1800 (1975) high
600 w x 600 d x 1800 (2000) high