Siamese lockers provide a useful facility for two people to access sections of the same locker. Each locker user has full access to both a top and lower compartment and an additional operative has only limited access to the top section. Practical when operatives require an access to users’ laundry for cleaning.


Practical Storage Solution

Our range of Siamese Lockers provides a separate top and hanging compartments housed within a single locker carcass. The top storage compartments have no internal fittings and the lower compartments are fitted with a coat rail and coat hook at the rear. The locks to the top compartments differ but are paired with the lock to the lower compartments. Both top doors have a standard height of 200mm.

The Tall Siamese Locker (illustrated far left) has a larger top compartment and the door is 280mm high, making it ideal for the storage of crash helmets and other safety headwear.

A locker to be used where space is at a premium, offering storage for two people in the same locker. Each person has a hanging compartment and a small locker compartment with paired locks allowing each person total privacy and security.

Height: 1800mm
Widths mm Depths mm
375 450
400 525