Our Supreme range is designed specifically for wet area use, allowing the lockers to be exposed to wet and humid atmospheres for long periods of time without damaging the structural integrity or the finish of the locker.


An ideal solution for leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools and spa changing rooms where moisture and humidity cause lockers to need regular repairs or replacements.

Additionally we can provide matching SGL end panels, helping integrate the lockers into the surrounding environments design, and an extensive selection of complimentary products from our cloakroom range which includes wet area benching, single and double sided cloakroom units and hook boards.

Our Supreme Lockers come as standard with the following features:

  • Available from 1 tier to 6 tiers door configurations
  • Practical and cost effective alternative to more expensive full laminate locker options.
  • Manufactured from one piece of 1.5mm aluminium flat sheet, as used in the automotive industry 5754H22.
  • Carcasses, shelves, tops and bottoms are powder coated in textured silver grey
  • Fully spot welded construction provides additional strength as well as creates smooth lines and attractive appearance


  • Material:
    Carcass – 1.50 mm Aluminium flat sheet type 5754 H22
    Pillars – Wrap around one piece aluminium flat sheet type 5754 H22
    Doors – 10mm Solid Grade Laminate – Arpa
  • Forming:
    Hand Press 1.25 mm Min internal Bend Radii
    2.00 mm Max Internal Bend Radii
    Hydro Foil 2.75 mm Min Internal Bend Radii
    3.50 mm Max Internal Bend Radii
  • Spot Welding:
    Shelved to Body – Min 3 Spot Welds per Side
    Top to Body – Min 3 Spot Welds per Side
    Bottoms to Body – Min 75mm, Max 100mm Apart
  • Hinging Lockers:
    Zinc coated knuckle hinge bolted through the door to a front plate in black and riveted to the pillar.
  • Overall Tolerance: Height – 0 / + 3mm
    Width – 0 / + 3mm
    Depth – 0 / + 3mm plus 10mm front protrusion of Cap Top
  • Component Tolerance: + or – 1mm.
  • Door Gapping: Min 1.25 mm – Max 2.5mm
    Hinge Side – Max 3.0mm
  • Hat Shelf: All Full Length Lockers to have a Hat Shelf providing a clearance between the shelf and the underside of the top at front of 350mm.
  • Coat Hooks: 1 Hat & coat Hook Per F/L on Rear Wall Centrally
    2 Tier Lockers, 1 Hat & Coat Hook per tier mounted centrally on rear wall
  • Pre Treatments: Carcass all units to be degreased and phosphated.
  • Finish: Carcass anti-bacterial powder coating in silver grey texture EW340E
  • Packaging: All units to be covered with at least one layer of corrugated paper prior to despatch.


  • Pillars are 25mm up to 450mm wide locker and 38mm for lockers 451mm and wider.
  • Division top 38mm – Base 50mm – Divisions & Shelves 25mm.
  • Doors are in 10mm Solid Grade Laminate from the Arpa Athlon UK stock colour range. Door finishes 30mm from the bottom of the locker
  • Number plates are set into a routered rectangular space above the lock and the number plate is included. Card frame used when coin/token lockers are used.